DGW400DM-415 SHINDAIWA 400 MINE SPEC - Click for more info
Mine Spec.With the additional Kit added to this powersource it can be...

$19540.31 (ex GST)

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6213200 KEMPOMAT 200C - Click for more info
Traditional step regulated power sources, strong and enclosed wire feed...

$1943.77 (ex GST)

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501825 SPEEDGLAS 9100XX SH9 - 13 WITH SW - Click for more info
The Speedglass? 9100 series auto darkening helmet is for professional...

$678.28 (ex GST)

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CC14SF HITACHI 14' H/SPEED CUT OFF - Click for more info
Sturdy aluminium housing and double insulated with a soft grip handle,...

$332.71 (ex GST)

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634980117 CLASSIC HARRIS PROPANE KIT - Click for more info
Complete Harris Original LPG kit. The regulators are ideally suited for...

$665.50 (ex GST)

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