1-1330-4 CUTMASTER 25MM 6.1M SL60

(Product Code: PAC102)


The new Cutmaster True 35mm manual plasma is a high duty cycle, inverter
based system specifically designed for heavy duty applications requiring
superior cutting performance. The unit is specifically designed to serve the
35mm market with a high duty cycle of 80% in a 40C ambient environment.
Operating from a 415V three phase supply, the design incorporates features
such as auto-pilot re-start, True Guard roll bar and the heavy duty SL100
1Torch for superior performance. The unit can also be used for heavy duty
gouging applications when fitted with the correct torch consumables.
These features combined with a three year limited warranty make this the ideal unit for and heavy duty fabrication, construction and mining applications.
Cutting Capacity Terminology
Genuine (True) Cut Cutting speed of 250 mm/min with an excellent smooth
cut surface and little or no dross with no need for grinding or rework

Maximum Cut Cutting speed of 150-200 mm/min with clean smooth cut
surface and minor dross

Severance Cut Cutting speed of less than 100 mm/min with rippled cut
surface and significant dross

Weight: 23

Unit Of Measure: EA

Additional Information:

$4031.87(ex GST)

1-1330-4 CUTMASTER 25MM 6.1M SL60 - Click to enlarge

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