Congratulations to our friends at Cigweld on their 100th Anniversary this year. Here is a nice little read about the company:

100 Years of CIGWELD.

CIGWELD is an iconic Australian brand embedded in Australian history (CIG, MUREX, EMF, JB ARNOLD, COMOX, Australian Oxygen and Industrial Gases) and has been part of the welding industry for 100 Years (Est. 1922).

The journey of CIGWELD began in Australia on June 1st 1922 in Melbourne as JB Arnold; a manufacturing company specialising in gas welding and spray-painting equipment where the well-known COMET Branded Gas Welding and Cutting Torches was created. In 1935, JB Arnold then became a part of the Commonwealth Industrial Gases (CIG).

In 1923 E.M.F. Electric (Electro Magnetic Force) was founded to manufacture welding transformer machines. In 1937 EMF became the electric welding division of what would become CIG. CIG finally had a complete portfolio of both gas and electrical welding equipment. EMF also then started to manufacture Covered Welding electrodes for Stick Welding, known official as Manual Metal Arc Welding (MMAW).

Sixty-three years later in 1985, CIGWELD was formed as the equipment division of CIG which was the largest Australian manufactured of Welding Machines, Gas Equipment, Filler Metals and Safety products. At the time CIGWELD employed 700 employees in Australia with another 120 located in the Philippines.

From 1989, there were various transfers of the business (the Management Team (Comweld Group Pty Ltd) who brought CIGWELD from CIG, sold the business to Thermadyne Corporation USA, which later changed its name to Victor Technologies) and more recently in 2014 was bought by our current parent company ESAB-Colfax, now called ESAB Corporation, based in the USA.

From the advent of Oxy-Acetylene Welding (OAW), Manual Metal Arc Welding (MMAW), commonly known as STICK Welding to the invention of TIG welding and MIG welding, CIGWELD has actively brought these welding technologies to Australia, NZ and the Pacific Islands throughout its 100 year history.

With 100 years of industry leading experience, CIGWELD is looking to the future, to continue its leadership in the supply of the highest-level quality products and services to the next generation welders and fabricators, who will weld in the centuries to come.

CIGWELD Customers; share our past, are our present and will determine our future!

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